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About Sea Change Consulting

Sea Change Consulting is founded by Kellie Shaw. 

I am a Black woman from Portland, Oregon who is committed to helping my community find their authentic voices and stand against bias and racism. As a long-time facilitator, trainer, coach, and advocate, I challenge myself to look at the world through an equitable lens and I invite others to do the same. As a supporter of grassroots organizations, I have sat on and lead multiple non-profit boards throughout the area.

As a racial equity facilitator, I design and lead sessions focused on racial and social justice for teachers, parents, students, public and private organizations, and members of the community. Recently I co-founded a non-profit – the Poetic Justice Foundation – that is grounded in community education for Black and Brown people.

I have been a life coach since 2011 where my mission is to assist individuals with unlocking their potential, gaining an equitable view of the world, and building skills to be in line with an anti-racist lifestyle. I currently contract with Subduction Consulting and Resolutions Northwest as an anti-racism facilitator, mediator, trainer, and coach.


Working With Kellie

When Kellie talks about "changes" to Portland, she's not speaking in the theoretical or abstract.  As a Black woman who has lived in NE Portland her whole life, Kellie seems to know everything and everyone in the Portland area! 


Kellie is wise and caring.  She can sometimes be quiet...and that's when you know the deep wisdom is about to be laid down.


Don't ask Kellie a question you don't want the answer to, because she will tell you what's on her mind.  Her biggest gift to white people in group settings is that she doesn't cater to white comfort.  Kellie is as kind as she is direct.


   -- Collaborator Sandy Bacharach 

Kellie is great at picking up on what’s going on in a group or organization. I really trust how clearly she sees the dynamics of power, race, gender, ability, and more. When Kellie makes a recommendation about something you could do to get closer to racial justice, she’s probably right!

Kellie will tell it like it is. I have watched this create a lot of breakthroughs in leadership coaching or training sessions, even for people who hold positions of leadership or who have a lot of privilege. Kellie’s honesty is a breath of fresh air for anyone who cares about racial justice and is tired of “Portland nice,” and she still somehow brings it with a lot of love.

    -- Collaborator Teri Pierson

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