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Jae Tai

Jae has worked in digital media and tv/film production in the competitive regions of New York and Los Angeles. Since returning to Portland, her hometown, she's folded an equity lens, with a particular focus on race, and conflict resolution into her media production and communication strategies. 

In 2015, she created Tiny Tech Academy a cartoon that centered the experiences of Black and Brown schoolmates in Silicon Valley. Tiny Tech Academy teaches Computer Science and Social Media literacy while creating a space for Black and Brown children to see themselves as creators of tech.  

Jae currently runs Responsible Media Group, a racial equity-based video production company.

Visit Responsible Media Group.


Carlos Kareem Windham

Multi-hyphenate, Carlos Kareem Windham, is an artist/organizer who has spent the better part of the last two decades performing for audiences and speaking with students, teachers and organizers on stages and in classrooms across the globe.

Carlos’ works are vulnerable, defiant expressions of the relationships between race, class and gender in the U.S. and abroad. Whether through the medium of storytelling, lyrics, workshop, or stand-up, Carlos takes every opportunity to speak truth to power.

Since June 2019, Carlos has served as Principal and Founder of El Porvenir Services, LLC. El Porvenir Services, LLC is on a mission to bring communities into the future, and to center the voices of the most impacted in the reclamation of their power in the intersection of race, class, and gender. Through El Porvenir, Carlos works for the creation of just ecosystems where people maintain long-term relationships across difference, in the creation of outcomes that provide equitable opportunities for the most excluded.

Visit El Porvenir Services.

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